FLOAT proudly welcomes their second artist into the fold. UK electronic artist and Szun Waves band member Luke Abbott, presents a special 10-track album to celebrate Piano Day 2019. 

“It's a very self-contained body of work, I haven't ever made music with this kind of sound pallet before” – Luke Abbott 

‘Music for the Edge of an Island’ sees Abbott divert from his typically experimental electronic style to explore a more compositional approach centred around VST instruments. Rather than the usual themes of synthesis and improvisation, the album is lead by piano motifs, structured around emotive melodies and sparkling arrangements. 




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*wav/mp3 download and bespoke ‘How To Take Care of Your Piano’ guide included



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*wav/mp3 download and bespoke ‘How To Take Care of Your Piano’ guide included

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“ethereal beauty that’s more richter or frahm than his day job in szun waves would suggest – this is neo classical at it’s finest from an endlessly talented musician” – Resident

“Using VST software to simulate a piano, Abbott’s work here still retains a slight MIDI-ish computer tinge to it, which actually lends an interesting extra flavour.” – Norman Records

“Luke Abbott does effervescent solo piano niceness, logically extending his arc of refinement from his dancefloor-readied debut thru his soundtracky later works to this, his most genteel LP to date.” – Boomkat

“Music From The Edge Of An Island exists between states - land and sea, synthetic and organic, true and false. Luke Abbott works these channels to create a strange and beguiling record.”Bleep

All tracks written, produced and recorded by Luke Abbott
Master and Vinyl Cut by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich at Calyx Mastering
Artwork and Design by FELD studio for digital crafts
Care guide illustrations by Leena Park, text by Sofia Ilyas and Markson Pianos