Ben Luke Boysen’s interpretation of ‘Anticline' takes listeners deeper into the surreal and intoxicating sound-world of Andrea Belfi. Suspenseful snare shuffles open the remix before warm, spacious chords on the piano breathe in like soft rays of light. The mood turns darker as Boysen launches into passages of simmering IDM abstractions, in which deconstructed beats roll underneath pointillist synth and percussion textures. Towards the final moments austerity yields to uplifting harmonies that wash over cathartically as the drums fade away. In this rework Boysen exercises impressive economy with the source material and displays the inherent richness of Belfi’s music.   

“I find Andreas’ work to be highly captivating and so rich in ideas and layers that I really felt the need to work with his material. I wanted to see how his ideas work and how they function if they get reshuffled and reorganised. It feels like there is a universal order to Andreas’ music that allows a remixer to rediscover his work from many different angles without falling apart at any point. Incredibly strong yet mobile and free.

Aside from the structural aspect of his tracks, I deeply enjoyed how he picks sounds and instruments, and I learned so much from it. I’m very grateful that I had the chance to work on this enthralling piece and see the rework as one of the many possible permutations Andreas’s music allows and hope to see many more of these (re)works in the future!” – Ben Lukas Boysen

“Ben and I live practically 200 meters far from each other. In between our flats, there’s a cemetery from the 18th century. I heard people in our neighbourhood saying there’s a strong electromagnetic field coming out of it. Apparently, this force literally keeps myself and Ben apart. This force is so strong we can’t even meet at the same bars! Once in a while a neutral magnetic portal opens up, allowing us to meet, listen to music together and share ideas. One day my record label Float and I were looking for someone who would rework one of my tracks from the album ‘Ore’. I received a proposal from Ben spontaneously, exactly at the same time, without asking. Coincidence or the absurd supernatural magnetic force reversed its direction?”Andrea Belfi


Anticline - Ben Lukas Boysen Rework (courtesy of Erased Tapes) 
Original track composed and performed by Andrea Belfi (from album 'Ore' released on Float, 2017) 
Mastered by Andreas [Lupo] Lubich at Calyx Mastering
Video by Ciners (Megaton)
Artwork by Francis Redman


The accompanying video brings ‘Ore’s original artwork to life, where similarly abstract geometric movements pulse across the screen. Musical motifs, such as the kick and tom hits, dictate linear gestures which glide across the dark abyss with an almost robotic autonomy. The visuals complement the dark, cerebral aesthetic, which marries the visual with the auditory in a subtle yet abstract language.